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Best WordPress Facebook Feed Plugin

Best Wordpress Facebook Feed Plugin fDWdLlt



Best WordPress Facebook Feed Plugin ->>->>->> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



















































Tweak: Added a few stricter CSS styles to help minimize the chance of theme stylesheets distorting post formatting Tweak: Added a span to the header text to allow CSS to be applied Fix: Fixed a bug with the post author text bumping down below the author image in the Firefox browser Fix: Corrected a bug which caused some links not to have the color applied Fix: Fixed a float issue in Firefox which sometimes caused the feed to be pushed off the page 1.9.4 New: Added background and border styling options to shared links Tweak: Reduced the clickable area of the post author Tweak: Added a Customize tab to the Settings page Fix: Fixed an issue with post tag linking not working correctly in some languages Fix: Fixed an issue with line breaks not being respected in IE8 1.9.2 Fix: Added title and alt attributes to the post authors Facebook profile picture Fix: Improved the reliability of the post tag linking Fix: Fixed an issue with HTML characters not rendering correctly when linking the post text Fix: Improved the reliability of the CSS clearing method used on the feed container Compatible with WordPress 3.9 1.9.1 Fix: Fixed an issue with the textlink shortcode option Fix: Fixed an bug with post text sometimes being duplicated when linked Fix: Removed errorreporting(0); 1.9.0 New: Added the ability to change the text size and color of the post author New: Define the format, size and color of shared link titles New: You can now define the color of the links in your post text, descriptions and Facebook events Tweak: Moved the Feed Header options to the Typography page Tweak: Moved the Ajax setting to the Misc page Tweak: Now removes any query strings attached to the Facebook Page ID Fix: Fixed an issue with some themes causing the clear element to prevent links being clickable Fix: Some minor bug fixes New: Now supports Facebook tags creates links when using the symbol to tag other people or Facebook pages in your posts Tweak: Changed the method used for link replacement in posts Fix: Fixed issue with php include 1.8.1 New: Added an exclude shortcode option to allow you to easily exclude specific parts of the post New: Timeline events are now cached to help reduce page load time New: Added an option for when the WordPress theme is loading the feed via AJAX so that the JavaScript runs after the feed has been loaded into the page Tweak: Changed author images back to loading via PHP rather than JavaScript due to issues with certain WordPress themes Fix: Reset the timezone after the shortcode has run Fix: Fixed an issue with the shared link descriptions not being hidden when specified Fix: Fixed a rare issue with the textlink shortcode option Fix: Use a fallback JSON string if unable to find the cached version in the database 1.8.0 New: Added a built-in color picker New: Added class to posts based on the author to allow for independent styling Tweak: Now loads the authors Facebook profile picture in using JavaScript to help speed up load times Tweak: Now automatically set the Facebook post limit based on the number of Facebook posts to be displayed Tweak: Core improvements to the way Facebook posts are output Tweak: Changed Layout & Style page name to Customize Tweak: Moved the Support information to a tab on the Settings page Tweak: Improved the Test connection to Facebook API function Fix: Encode Facebook URLs so that they pass HTML validation Fix: Fixed an issue with Facebook post captions not displaying under some circumstances Fix: More robust method for stripping the URL when a user enters Facebook page URL instead of their Facebook Page ID 1.7.2 Tweak: Moved the Show post author option from the General settings tab to the Post Layout tab Tweak: Added the ability to show or hide the author to the include shortcode option Fix: Added CSS box-sizing property to feed header so that padding doesnt increase its width Fix: Fixed showheader=false and headeroutside=false shortcode options Fix: Now allows users to enter their Facebook page URL as their Facebook Page ID 1.7.0 New: Added ability to add a customizable header to your feed New: Added a Custom JavaScript section to allow you to add your own JS or jQuery functionality to the feed New: Added a Custom Text / Translate tab to house all customizable text New: You can now choose to show posts only by other people on your Facebook page New: Set your timezone so that dates/times are displayed in your local time New: When a Facebook post contains a link to multiple images it now states the number of photos after the post text and links to the Facebook album Tweak: Plugin now detects whether the page is using SSL and pulls https resources Tweak: Added a button to test the connection to Facebooks API for easier troubleshooting Fix: Now using HTML encoding to parse any raw HTML tags in the Facebook post text or descriptions Fix: Added a protocol to the beginning of links which dont include one Fix: Fixed date width issue in IE7 Fix: Removed stray PHP notices Fix: Added a space between the Like Box attributes Fix: Fixed a CSS bug in Firefox which was causing the page author name to bump down below the avatar Tweak: Moved View on Facebook link up to be level with the date rather than on the line below it Fix: Dont show the caption when it is the same as the Facebook post text Fix: Fixed issue with enqueueing JavaScript file 1.6.8 New: Added option to remove border from the Facebook Like box when showing faces New: Set Facebook Like box text color to either blue or white Tweak: Moved descripion below video or link title and added link source Tweak: Added ability to manually translate the 2 weeks ago text Tweak: Replaced View Link with View on Facebook so that shared links now link to the Facebook post Tweak: Facebook Like box is now responsive Tweak: Displays Facebook post caption if no description is available Tweak: Vertically center multi-line author names rather than bumping them down below the Facebook profile picture Tweak: Checks whether the Access Token is inputted in the correct format Fix: Fixed bug in the Show posts on my page by others option Fix: If displaying a Facebook group then automatically hides the Facebook Like box Fix: others=false shortcode option now working correctly Fix: Strip any white space characters from beginning or end of Access Token and Facebook Page ID Fix: Fixed a bug in 1.6.7 which was causing an issue displaying the Facebook feed in some circumstances 1.6.7 New: Your Facebook feed can now be completely displayed in any language added i18n support for date translation Tweak: Improved documentation within the plugin Tweak: Changed order of methods used to retrieve Facebook feed data New: Added support for Facebook group events Fix: Resolved jQuery UI draggable bug which was causing issues with drag and drop 1.6.6 New: Now works with Facebook groups Fix: Fixed an issue with the Show posts by others option not working correctly in the previous version 1.6.4 New: Added localization support. Menu IT & Software All IT & Software IT Certification Network & Security Hardware Operating Systems Other . Free Facebook Plugins for WordPress that Automatically Publish Your Posts Facebook Publish The handy Facebook Publish plugin adds a sidebar widget to WordPress’ new post/page screen that enables you to share the post on Facebook either right when it’s published or at some future date. Fixed the Text Decoration issue Version 0.75 Limit the Number of Posts. 18 Reactions Aira Bongco November 10, 2014 at 9:06 pm Wow. An easy way to determine whether your Facebook page is set to public is to sign out of your Facebook account and try to visit your page. Menu Marketing All Marketing Digital Marketing Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing Branding Marketing Fundamentals Analytics & Automation Public Relations Advertising Video & Mobile Marketing Content Marketing Non-Digital Marketing Growth Hacking Affiliate Marketing Product Marketing Other . Set your own caching time check for new posts on Facebook every few seconds, minutes, hours or days. If you re-post the content as your own post on your Facebook page then the content now originates from your Facebook page and will be displayed in the Facebook feed on your website. One nice feature is the ability to share your post on the timelines of multiple pages all at once. Screenshots By default the Facebook feed inherits your theme’s default styles and is completely responsiveCompletely customize the way your Facebook feed looks to perfectly match your siteUse custom CSS to customize every part of the Facebook feedDisplay Facebook eventsConfiguring the Custom Facebook Feed pluginGeneral options – Custom Facebook Feed Layout & Style pageTypography options – Custom Facebook Feed Layout & Style pageMisc options – Custom Facebook FeedLayout & Style pageIt’s super easy to display your Facebook feed in any page or post Installation Install the Custom Facebook Feed either via the WordPress plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your web server (in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory). Channable Analytics eCommerce Plugins Connect any platform Using the Channable import process, you can easily connect via our apps or plugins or import any type of file including XML, CSV and Google Spreadsheets. Here’s how it looks when timeline updates are set to “hidden”. 3) Accept the Facebook terms and click Continue. Use the shortcode [custom-facebook-feed] in your page, post or widget to display your feed. The good news is that it works just fine for Facebook as well! This is a truly useful plugin, especially for a business that has built up a large archive of content on its blog. Advertisement 15 Free Facebook Plugins for WordPress Free Facebook Plugins for WordPress that Display Your Updates, Fans and a Like Button WP Facebook FanBox This plugin is as easy as they come. For Brandfield Channable is a partner who we can trust. » Jonghaur Chia Online allianties marketer Brandfield « Software is a good and complicated element of computing which needs to be simplified. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.Translate FaceBook Feed into your language.Interested in development?Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS. If you’re interested in those as well, head over and read the post on the top 10 social media plugins for WordPress. Fix: Fixed a rare bug which would occur if your Facebook page or Facebook group name contained a number 2.3.3 Fix: Removed a PHP notice which was missed in the last update. Displays feed from testing917 page, not the one I enter Leslie Carson No matter what I do, this plugin is showing posts from the testing917 Facebook page (I assume this is the developers test account). As requested by user Version 0.74 Customize Author Image Border Set Date Format Version 0.73 Customize Author Text Size and Text Color Version 0.72 Revamped Option Panel The new Panel is based on Jquery Tabs Version 0.71 HashTag Links are now supported Minor CSS Tweaks Version 0.7 Initial Plugin Release Display FaceBook Feed using Short-code Read more Meta Version: Last updated: 3 months ago Active installations: 10,000+ Requires WordPress Version:3.3 Tested up to: 4.8.4 Languages: See all 3 Close English (US), Russian, and Turkish. Click the “Settings” tab in the left column. Super! Just Brilliant VistaMister Excellent product and outstanding support team! Read all 947 reviews Contributors & Developers Custom Facebook Feed is open source software. This is mighty useful for all the posts I want to also publish in my blog. 2) If this is your first time signing in to the Facebook Developer portal then click on Register Now. You cant display a non-public Facebook feed publicly. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Pinterest Feed Contact Us Sitemap Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy Copyright 2017 WPTemplate.com. Ive tried using several different page names and still& testing917. Reply Vikas Singh Gusain April 27, 2015 at 1:31 am Wow Matt Mansfield, it’s very unique and helpful information. 8) Click Done 5a02188284

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